Tax Appraisals - Mineral Valuations

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  • Estate Settlements
  • Reserve Depletion/ SEC Reserve Disclosure
  • Fund Valuation/ Tax Allocation
  • County Mineral Valuation Dispute
  • Conservation Easements Mineral Rights

U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Presentation -"What's My Quarry/Pit Worth?"  Annual CPE Meeting, September 1991, Chicago, IL

Representative Mineral Valuation Projects

    • Estate Settlements
Allen Co., IN
5 Operating Quarries in IL
Warren Co., IL
Cass Co, IN
Allegan Co., MI
Grundy Co., IL
Suffolk Co., NY
    • Reserve Depletion/ SEC Reserves Disclosure
5 Operating Quarries in MO
10 Operating Quarries & Pits in IL & IN
    • Fund Valuation/ Tax Allocation
OCI Chemical Co.- Rhone Poulenc of WY, Big Island Trona
    Mine, Sweetwater Co., WY
5 Operating S & G Pits and Quarries in OH
Scott Co., MO
    • County Mineral Valuation Disputes
Will Co., IL
R.A.G. Coal Co., Greene Co., PA
    • Conservation Easements Mineral Rights
Douglas Co., NE
Clark Co., NV
Lapeer Co., MI
Northwest GA
Richmond, VA (2)
DeKalb, AL