Mineral Appraisal & Geological Services

Art Pincomb has appraised more than 500 mineral properties and mining operations in 29 states and Canada since 1990.


Mineral Appraisals: What is the Value of a Quarry or Mine? M&TS Journal, 2016, by Arthur Pincomb


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Mineral Condemnation Appraisals

Highway Expansion, Natural Gas and Oil Pipelines, Airport Runways, Transmission Lines, Water Resources, National and State Parks, Sewer Projects, Wetlands and Fens, Pump Storage Projects, Landfills

Bank Financing Appraisals

More than 200 mineral appraisals in 28 states and Canada since 1990

Litigation Appraisals

Bankruptcy, Divorce Settlement, Supply Agreements, Lease and Ownership Disputes, Property Re-Zoning and Permitting

Tax Appraisals

Conservation Easements Mineral Rights, Estate Settlement, SEC Reserve Disclosure, Reserve Depletion, Sub S Tax Election, Gifting

Mineral Reserve and Quality Evaluations

Drill Rig Management, Geological Interpretation, Core Logging and Splitting, Quality Assessment, Reserves Estimation, Drilling Projects in 15 States and Trinidad

Frac Sand Appraisals

Appraisals of Industrial/Frac Sand Mines and Properties in CA, CO, TX, WI, MN, IL, MO, IA and OH